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By JS_racer 2023-12-23 13:48:10

EAP650 failing AI WLAN Optimization after months of working fine

say, had ai optimization set for weekly runs since July with no issues. i have a 650 and 670. the last few weeks i have been getting an error Failed to optimize device because of no scan result. looks
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By Raytsh 2023-07-10 08:06:00

ER605 frequently disconnects from OC200 after upgrading to firmware 2.2.0

Hi, My ER605 disconnects from OC200 controller frequently(every couple of hours) after upgrading to the latest 2.2.0 firmware. However, the internet is still functioning in this case even OC200 contro
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By YuukiA 2023-07-07 17:24:11

Surprise firmware update to ER605 V2

Nothing about the version 2.2.0 Build 20230629 Rel.64012 mentioned in the Latest Firmware Release page. Is this a real firmware to ER605 V2? I don't want to brick my ER605 routers accidentally.
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By JS_racer 2023-05-30 13:03:33

Software Controller_V5.9.9_Linux to oc200 somehow ??

is there a way to move my current configuration from linux to an oc200 somehow ?? i would like to add the oc200, and get the controller off my nas.. thanks
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By Fae 2023-02-21 11:15:42

Solution to Repeating Notification of "[Gateway] was connected" Issue on ER605 V2 [Case Closed]

This Article Applies to: ER605(UN)_V2_2.1.1 Build 20230115 ER605(UN)_V2_2.1.2 Build 20230210 Issue Description/Phenomenon: Recently we received feedback that using ER605 V2 2.1.x firmware would cause
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By Fae 2020-12-31 08:46:50

Get the Latest Omada SDN Controller Releases Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < Omada Hardware Controller_V5.14 Pre-release (Released on Apr 16th, 2024) Omada SDN Controller_V5.14.20 Pre-release (Released on Apr 12th, 2024) Omada SDN Contr