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By mehmeh 2022-07-25 17:27:25

oversight on Release notes while checking via the controller ?.

Hello, Since I was subsribed on a thread on which @Fae did a update with the 5.3 X controller release of the hardware controllers. I quickly scanned through the forum thread via the email provided for
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By wrathskellar 2022-07-17 20:24:34

OC200 DHCP service

I see the OC200 controller is capable of acting as a DHCP server for its connected wired networks, but can it be used as the DHCP server for the wireless networks it manages? I can't seem to find it i
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By Pieter_H 2022-06-20 10:09:31

DHCP Reservation not working correctly

Hi, We just bought a TL-R605 with OC-200 controller and a TL-SG2218 Switch. On the switch are also 2x EAP254 and 6x EAP650. I have added 22 DHCP IP reservations. Sometimes the devices (Wired Windows P
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By Fae 2021-03-04 02:14:44

Get the Latest Firmware Releases for Omada Routers Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < ER8411 V1_1.2.0_Build 20240112 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller V5.13 (Released on Jan 12th, 2024) ER605 V2_2.2.3 Build 20240112 Beta Firmware for Omada Cont
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By mehmeh 2022-06-19 11:39:51

configuration guides in bits and pieces ?

I wanted to change something in my network , and wanted to find the meaning of some configuration options. - Why is the configuration guide in bits an pieces ? - Why is there not refreshed guide per O
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By Sc0th 2022-05-24 07:25:33

OC200 Firmware 5.3.1

I just purchased an OC200 hardware controller with the aim of migrating away from the software version. However the software version is 5.3.1 which has not yet been released for the hardware which is