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By Anderson 2020-07-13 01:06:30

Why my Omada controller cannot manage the latest EAP?

If you are using Omada controller 3.x.x, you may meet the problem that cannot manage the latest EAP. You can follow this article to find the reason and solution. TP-link launches Omada’s Software-Defi
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By Speedo 2020-07-16 04:03:00

Omada controller showing offline

We have 4 EAP225 wifi devices, which were configured using laptop. We downloaded omada software in the laptop and configured EAP225. If I shutdown the laptop everything works fine, but controller show
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By HA4g3n 2021-09-09 07:38:15

EAP225-Outdoor - Firmware upgraded but out of date?

Hi, I just upgraded the EAP225-Outdoor V1 from Firmwatre version 1.7 to 5.0.3 o it work's with the controller 4.4.4. Now the controller is posting that a new firmware is avaliable but i have the most
Forums/ WiFi
By HA4g3n 2021-09-08 18:52:10

EAP-620 HD - Firmware?

Hi, I just purchased a brand new "EAP620 HD(EU) v1.0" Verison 1.0.4 I now see on the website there is a hardware V2? Soo is this version outdated but till new? Should i return it? And secondly i canno