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By HA4g3n 2022-01-01 17:29:17

IOS Omada Applicaton - Several Controllers

Hi, Since this is enterprise-level of TP-Link how can i manage several controllers from the same IOS Omada application? I have my own network and some customers for example and want to manage them all
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By HA4g3n 2021-11-05 11:54:07

POE powered Switch or not? "TL-SG2008" No Power Adapter

Hi, Does TP-Link have any POE powered switches that don't need any power adapters? Like small 5-8 ports? and Omada compatible if possible. Have looked but uncertain of the data in the spec. Thanks
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By HA4g3n 2021-10-25 12:21:33

Guest WiFi

Hi, To accomplish a Guest WiFi with VLAN segregation and client isolation with the devices below: I have setup a Guest Wifi over vlan 2 tagged for that wifi and a ACL and route in the Fortigate to all
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By HA4g3n 2021-10-06 14:33:46

OC200 - Backup Configuration to tplinkcloud = awsome?

Hi, Why is not there an alternative to send the configuration backup within the network on for example FTP, CIFS, Samba File Share for example? or even better upload it within the Omada tplinkcloud ac
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By HA4g3n 2021-09-20 21:58:43

TL-SG2008P vs TL-SG2210P

Hi, Is there any big difference between Omada compatibility and VLAN support of these two products or something else not expected? TL-SG2008P https://www.tp-link.com/se/business-networking/omada-sdn-s
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By HA4g3n 2021-09-17 07:52:48

Ordered a brand new TL-SG2428P got V1 when V2 exist?

Hi, I can see there is hardware version V1 and V2 on the hardware of TL-SG2428P. I asked the supplier that if it is V1 or V2 they thought it was V2 but i received V1. So i don't want to buy new hardwa