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By mackworth 2023-12-12 14:52:02

Dashboard showing 11 "Blocked by Access Control" but "Blocked Known Clients" is empty

Runing 5.13.24. I see that the "Blocked by Access Control" shows an 11 count. The tooltip says to go to "Insights -> Block Known Clients". I went to Insights -> Known Clients and selected the Blocked
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By Fleegle61 2023-05-01 22:11:16

ACL still not working after upgrade

I was hoping when I did the OC200 upgrade along with the switch upgrades that ACL would work as it should. I see that there is a new bidirectional check box which only creates a second rule to allow o
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By dbergloev 2023-03-05 20:22:36

Omada ACL blocks both ways

Hi. I am trying to block some VLANS from certain parts of the network using ACL within Omada, but are having some issues. For an example if I want to restrict access from VLAN1 to VLAN2, but allow fro
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By Fleegle61 2023-02-20 03:02:37

Where is the erase icon to remove logs???

Has anyone noticed that the erase button is not in the log section? I am getting alarms that my log is maxed out and I have over 10K in log entries but I cannot find the button that used to do an eras
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By DannyZ 2022-11-14 00:04:14

Hardware controller version 5.6.4 problems

I recently updated the OC200 hardware controller to version 5.6.4 and the ER7206 router to firmware version 1.2.3. Since the update, the router is not honoring IP reservations and is not issuing valid
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By lukass2000 2022-11-05 09:39:37

What does Gi1/0/5 or Gi1/0/24 mean?

Hello, I keep getting the following messages in my OC200 logs: Loop was cleared on [osw:TL-SG3428:00-5F-xx-xx-xx-xx]'s port Gi1/0/5. or T1600G-28TS port Gi1/0/24 was blocked. Can someone explain me th