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By BennyCS 2023-10-22 16:34:31

ER707-M2 -> Internet Wan Off-line. (HW-upgrade from ER605-V2 to ER707-M2)

Can not get the Internet / Wan connection up and running with the ER707-M2 after HW upgrade from ER605-V2 I use an OC300 ( Latest Firmware) 1) ER605V2 -> Function ok. 2) ER605V2 -> Forget device 3) ER
Forums/ WiFi
By Ayusete 2023-10-13 04:05:46

HELP - Convert EAP655-Wall(EU) v1.0 to EAP655-Wall(US)

Can some one help me convert Convert EAP655-Wall(EU) v1.0 to EAP655-Wall(US) v1.0 Please
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By mur77 2023-10-13 20:51:17

Router functionality

I have a question, we have a small hotel (150-200 customers, almost all on smartphones) r605, a couple of commentators and 6 points 620 650 670. The incoming channel is 50mbit. So, in the web interfac
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By mur77 2023-03-09 16:38:03

Opening a host by domain name

On my synology ( I created a website test net . For tests on a local network. How and where do I need to register the site name to the IP of the device where it is deployed. In order for
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By peterdeg 2022-12-23 03:06:21

Push certificates to controller?

Is there any way to upload new certs to the controller? ie. Not using the gui? I have an opnsense firewall that's auto-renewing a wildcard cert. It comes with automations ability eg. When it renews, i
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By mur77 2023-02-01 14:26:19

There is no ping from smartphones. What is the problem?

Updated the firmware to r605v2. And an annoying malfunction appeared. I have OC200v1, controllers, and 6 access points. The problem is this, ping chek is installed on my smartphone, periodically I pin