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By JeanV Thursday

Missing label (with SSID info) printed at the bottom of the product

If missing, what to do when you have to enter the required Device Key or Mc information?
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By Rmenghe Thursday

EAP115 and wps feature

Hello, just a simple question: i need to connect many air conditioner units. How to enable WPS feature at EAP115 AP? Is that possible? Thanks in advance Robert
Forums/ Controllers
By cincom Thursday

how to add APs on my controller

I failed to adopt my APs on my controller
Forums/ Controllers
By Badrtunis 2024-04-10 17:01:17

problems OC200 firmware 1.15.2

bonjour je veux changer le firmware de 1.15.2 ver version compatible avec controleur 3.x mais ca ne marche pas j'ais essayer toute les version tous rien
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By Tintronic Wednesday

Omada Hardware Controller fails to update any device firmware on remote sites

My OC200 used to only manage a local site, now it manages 3 sites with a total of 3 gateways and 25 APs. The controllers is located in one of the sites (behind one of the gateways) alongside 18 of the
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By MR.S Wednesday

UDP Port 19810 on controller version

Does anyone know what UDP port 19810 is for on the controller version should be used for? I can't find anything about this in the release notes.