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By lukass2000 2022-03-24 08:59:21

Port arrangement from Omada SDN and Switch swapped :(

Hello, have integrated an T1600G-28TS into my Omada SDN system. Works fine :) But I'm a bit confused with the port configuration. Why is the port representation twisted??? This is how it appears in th
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By lukass2000 2022-03-20 09:26:21

Is it possible in Omada SDN to emulate ONLY a virtual LAN-Cable via VLAN?

Hi there, I would like to have a VLAN, which I only use for test purposes. There should be no internet connection and no DHCP administration. Each switch should be assigned a port that uses VLAN999. S
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By lukass2000 2022-03-15 15:52:17

Save the settings of each switch in the Omada SDN

Hi there, I have a OC200, R605, TL-SG3428 and a TL-SG2210P Switch. Now i configurate my VLANS, and configurate both Switches, Namw, Ports, VLans,.... How can i now save all Settings from the total Oma
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By lukass2000 2022-03-06 10:08:21

For what is the MAP function in Omada SDN?

Hello, I wonder what this point is for? I know that from Unifi, there I can edit the map, position the APs and then get the wireless range displayed. But here in the Omada SDN there is none of that? S
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By lukass2000 2022-03-05 15:37:35

Works Switch T1500G-10PS v2.0 with Omada SDN Controller v5.x

Hello, on a regional online Portal a User sold a TP-Link T1500G-10PS v2.0 (TL-SG2210P v3.0). Does this work with Omada SDN nd Omada Controller v5.x? Thanks :)
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By lukass2000 2022-03-04 08:40:50

Wifi from VLAN1 not assigned an IP address

Hi there, added a new VLAN200, assign an IP range and assigned the ports. There is now a VLAN1 (is the main network) and VLAN200. Everything works for wired devices :) Now i created two Wifi, one to u