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By Spryde 2023-11-14 07:44:01

EAP680, EAP683LR and/or EAP680HD - what's the new one?

Hi, when looking at different TP Link Websites all over the world, you can find some details, that there will be some new APs coming (or already available to order). Concerning the EAP680 line.... You
Forums/ WiFi
By MatschHasi 2023-01-23 10:37:30

Omada VLAN Not working as expected

Hello I have folled Hardware installed: 1x ER7206 v1.0 2x TL-SG2008P v1.0 1x TL-SG2008 v4.0 1x EAP235-Wall(EU) v1.0 1x EAP670(EU) v1.0 1x Omada Controller Installed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS I would like to
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By cpadil 2023-01-18 04:36:45

EAP670 v1.26 New Firmware 1.0.6 installed by Omada

Hello, So Omada recommended an update for my EAP670 v1.26 (Omada just displays v1.0) and I went for it, however when checking the released notes, noticed that the update was only meant for EAP670 v1.0
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By nullV 2023-01-13 20:29:32

EAP620HD v1.0 (US), no new firmware for more than 1 year?

Hi, We are using multiple EAP 620 HD v1.0 (US) and the latest firmware for them is v1.1.0, released back on 12/01/2021. These are for critical business operations. It's now 2023 and there has not been
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By Fae 2022-12-26 03:59:21

EAP650/EAP655-Wall | EAP650 | EAP670 | EAP653 May Drop Some IPv6 Packets. [Updated on Aug 4th 2023]

Update as of Aug 4th 2023: Update the new firmware for EAP655-Wall v1, EAP650 v1 and EAP670 v1, which has fixed the IPv6 issues described in this thread. Please find the new firmware release note and
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By Spryde 2022-12-18 18:19:54

Omada Controller with Raspberry Pi - how does it work with actual version?

Hi, just want to install the Omada Controller at my Raspi, but none of the actual manuals/instructions work. Could someone give a feedback, what is the best/right way to install the controller on a ra