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By KJK 3 weeks ago

ER7206 does not use broadcast at T2 to extend its IP address lease

There is a lot of 'SHOULD' and 'MAY' in the DHCP standard (RFC 2131) which may make the interaction between a DHCP server and its clients challenging. A DHCP server should, but may not, provide certai
Forums/ Switches
By Aa_Bee_Cee 2024-05-02 14:24:35

VLAN configuration for Home network on SG2210P

Hello Experts, I am looking for some help in configuring VLANs in my home network. The network diagram - I have installed opnsense (router + firewall) on a PC, expanded its NICs by adding a quad port
Forums/ Controllers
By nRayAffair 2024-05-01 15:18:30

Port Mirroring as direct connection

Can port mirroring be used to create a functionally direct connection between devices separated by one or more switches? Use case is an HDBaseT extender over ethernet. Can I plug the transmitter into
Forums/ WiFi
By ikheetjeff 2023-09-16 02:14:18

[BUG/Issue] EAP ACL not functioning between wireless connections on the same EAP. (653, 650, 225)

Hello, After 4 full days of trying and encountering issues every time, it seems there is a bug in the EAPs when combined with EAP ACL rules. Hardware setup: ER605 v2.0 (Firmware Version: 2.1.4 Build 2
Forums/ Switches
By Winho 2024-04-24 02:17:56

How to do SNMP at SG2428P switch & EAP613 AP to monitor at Zabbix

I need some help how I can get SNMPv3 data that will be monitored by Zabbix? I already test all template for SNMPv2 or v3 from TP-Link website but still didn't work
Forums/ Controllers
By MaxPowers_ 2024-04-05 21:49:49

Second VLAN not working

Problem: I completly wiped every device and even the whole site. So this is on an absolute fresh setup and default settings out of the box. When Creating a fresh VLAN (type: interface in the UI) clien