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By J4ce 2024-03-04 10:40:40

Omada Controller - ISP LOAD graph defaults to SFP WAN (even when not in use)

Hi The ISP Load graph on the dashboard as of 5.13.x defaults to SFP WAN (which I am not using). The dashboard now looks bad. I have to click WAN every time, and every refresh it goes back to SFP WAN.
Forums/ WiFi
By TraeS 2024-03-27 19:38:02

What does it take to get US based enterprise level support for long range wireless products?

I wasted an hour this morning talking to 2 different people. the first person I hung up after 5 min and he was still trying to phonetically get my name. He spoke almost no English. My 2nd attempt was
Forums/ Controllers
By cbfs 2024-03-08 01:12:45

How to download configuration backup of Omada controller or site?

How can I download a configuration backup file from an Omada controller? Whether it's the entire controller or the site? I mostly use UniFi and with the UniFi Network controller, I go to Settings -> S
Forums/ Switches
By NeoDude 2024-02-26 17:27:47

POE Does Not Work

Hey folks, Go easy on me, I've not had this switch for long so it may well be user error. I have tried to power a couple of devices with POE from this switch, without success. The first being a Unifi
Forums/ Switches
By infinitytec 2024-03-01 02:06:06

Omada Unmanaged Switches?

I can't be the only one confused about these unmanaged switches carying the Omada branding, can I? Isn't the point about Omada the management?
Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
By RSCW 2024-02-24 18:44:23

Need capability to download Controller backups remotely. Need ability to name router ports.

1. When managing multiple sites remotely (currently we have around 40 locations), we need to be able to remotely dowload a backup of the settings when we make any changes. It's crazy that this can onl