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Forums/ Omada Access Points
By Shoresy 2023-08-29 13:18:23

Random Fail to Readopt with EAPs

TP-Link network specs: EAP670 x 4 (v1.0) all on firmware 1.0.6 EAP610 Outdoor x 1 (v1.0) on firmware 1.2.0 4 TP-Link Jetstream switches Omada Controller v5.12.2 running on Windows 11 x64 PC w/32GB of
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By IMV8N 2023-04-26 04:47:42

Configure Omada controller with Pfsense

I am trying to get the EAP610 V2 to be able to connect to the internet. I am having a hard time understanding what is needed on the WAN settings page. Was wondering if I could get some assistance on t
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By Ric04jan72 2023-03-27 14:23:01

EAP610-Outdoor - Is it really Omni-Directional?

Based on the description, this AP is Omni-Directional BUT based on my actual testing, this is directional. Infront of the AP, I can get a good signal even at 400Meters away. Both sides and back of the
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By windows10luke 2023-03-21 21:44:56

Lock to AP not working

Hi, I have been trying to get several devices to stay connected to a set access point, and it seems like the Lock to AP feature is not working at all. I have tried to lock multiple different clients t
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Scalar 2023-03-10 14:58:31

BUG: Some WiFi clients not showing in Omada clients list

Hi community. I've just tried the search engine to find out why some WiFi clients, which are confirmed to be connected to the TP-Link EAPxxx devices, are not listed in the Omada Controller's client li
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Shoresy 2023-03-18 14:41:30

Omada Software Controller (Windows 11) - missing Wifi and Wired clients on the clients list - 5.9.31

I recently migrated my Omada Software Controller from an older Windows PC with 8GB of RAM to a new Windows 11 PC with 32GB of RAM, both Omada controllers were running v5.9.31 at the time of migration,