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By SC-I Yesterday

ER605 Policy Routing Issue

Hello all, Recently I purchased an ER605 v2.0 (Firmware Version: 2.1.2) router and connected the same with Omada Software Controller. I am facing an issue with the policy routing. Following is some in
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By dpsguard 18 hours ago

Why does ER8411 consume so much RAM?

I have a few of ER8411 v1. Even with 1.03, the memory usage is close to 58% with no traffic if I login at night time. Considering it has 4GB of RAM, and compared with 512MB on ER7206 (which I also hav
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By Enhancer Yesterday

EAP690 HD no 2,4Ghz wifi available

Thought my access control rules were too tight, but just realized I have no 2,4Ghz network available. ER8411 router, OC300 controller, SX3206 switch feeding power to the EAP690E HD. All the default ba
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By CyberSec Yesterday

GRC Shields UP! test problem

I performed the GRC Shields UP verification! and I checked that the result ends in FAILED, I saw that this problem is fixed in version 2.1.1, but I'm in version 2.1.2 and I have this problem, maybe I
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By kogalia Yesterday

tp-link er605 load balancing don't work

tp-link er605 load balancing don't work ! Is there a solution THANKS
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By StephenNorbury Yesterday

ER605 V2 keeps disconnecting

This is the log from the last 12 hours. 72 disconnects. The system has been running without any issues for over 30 days, then suddenly this. Anyone else seen this behavior? Im im sure its some kind of