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By JCC01 Yesterday


Good morning, Our communication provider asks us to open several outbound ports in our firewall We have a ER8411 and we are not finding reference to outgoing/outbound traffic in the documentation, is
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By Fausto879 Thursday

Create rules equal to existing ones, the router recognizes them as a default rule Possible bug?

Something strange happened. In Service Type List, I added DNS ports to block and ensure that everything goes through DNS Proxy Doh I didn't realize that this Service Type already existed and I created
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By SzymonN Tuesday

Wireguard Allowed Address not working

Hi, I found a bug I am configuring a Wireguard VPN tunle to the Wireguard VPn server - the tunnel is configured based on the configuration file for the WIndows client. This file works fine on Windows\
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By MR.S Tuesday

TP-Link router as Wireguard client to other brand than TP-Link

Short question, is it possible to use a TP-Link router with Wireguard support to connect to a wireguard server other than a TP-Link? I have a wireguard config generated by server but I can't find any
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By lshengfang Monday

Connect ER605 to another ER605 from 2 location

Hi ! Is there a way to use IPSec to connect ER605 to another ER605 from 2 location ?
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By Bromo Monday

Association Timeout after Firmware upgrade to 1.2.3 Build 20230922 Rel. 67667

Last night I saw there was a firmware upgrade for my EAP610-Outdoor so I went ahead with the upgrade. Since then I see the logs filling up with Association Timeout errors from my 2.4GHz IoT devices. I