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By SuperCoolYolo 7 hours ago

EAP245 Omada Controller - How to remove wireless B and G on 2.4Ghz?

Hi there, I'm using several EAP245 access points with the Omada software controller v4.4.6. Previously I was able to setup all the AP's in standalone mode and I can remove wireless B and G from the 2.
Forums/ Omada EAP
By xmtr34 6 hours ago

VPN to from Router to Switch

Hi all Just wondered if you could help. I have a VPN router (TL-ER7206) and two switches (TL-SG3210) & (TL-SG2008P) and I wondered if it is possible to create a encrypted VPN tunnel from the router to
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By MPSysop 4 hours ago

OC200 Does not see EAP245 firmware v5.0.4

I have an OC200 v4.4.6 on firmware 1.9.3 and 2 EAP245 v3.0 on firmware 5.0.3. At home I also have a single identical EAP245 running in standalone mode. The one at home I have successfully flashed to v
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By DanL 3 hours ago

EAP-225 Outdoor as CPE / Directional Link?

I find myself frustrated yet again by the fact that all of the TP-Link CPE's are Pharos control devices and won't talk Omada. I have a small ranch with two network zones, and I need to connect the two

ER605 VPN connection errors

Good evening. I purchased an ER605 V.1 router, respective Access Points and Switches compatible with Omada OC200 Hardware controllers from a dealer. Given that I had no difficulties until a few days a
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By moepnse Yesterday

Switchover to Mesh does not work.

Hello! My two access points are each connected to a switch and both switches are connected to each other. Due to the upcoming renovation work, the cabling between the switches will be renewed. During