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Another untagged LAN on Router Interface without a switch

Hello, I have two Networks 1. 2. The Router is managed by Omada OC200 Controller. Network /24 is configured by default with VLAN ID 1 over all LAN Ports
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By Swiftlink Friday

Almost touch less set up with OC200,

Wondering if this would work for an almost touch less set up. I have 5 sites to set up, I was wondering if I configure the 5 OC200 at my office and add them to the cloud controller (no licences). Coul

EAP660HD - Lack of support

Am i the only one that is conserned about the lack of support of the 660HD. There seems to be no new fw for the unit, and hasn't been for a long time? Anyone else wondering about this?
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By rJames23 Friday

Always Rebooting

I have a concern of my ER605R. Actually, I deployed numbers of 605R now but some of it is always rebooting. We didn't have any changes of the configurations and there's no power fluctuation. My questi
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By FlameRider Friday

Port Forwarding Issue On TP-Link ER707 Omada

Hi there i am having a lot of trouble getting port forwarding working on my new TP-Link ER707-M2 i have tried both Omada cloud and the standard web interface for port forwarding and neither are workin
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By muzicman0 Wednesday

Built-in Radius with Android phone

I am attempting to utilize the built in Radius on the new Omada software (running as a service on Windows), and it works great to connect a PC, but my phone won't connect, it just says authentication