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By APRC-P3-Tel 2023-09-05 10:54:57

Null Pointer exception seen on Omada 3.x on Linux Platform

We have a Omada 3.x Controller ruinning and supporting mostly old EAP115 V1/V2 and EAP110-outdoor V1 APs. These AP models are not supported by the new Omada 5.x controller and therefore in order to co
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By APRC-P3-Tel 2023-08-20 06:13:11

Any plans to support non Twilio SMS providers for Indian market

Are their any plans to support non-Twilio SMS providers. We are not looking to replace the entire hotspot service just the REST part where we get an OTP sent to users for authentication. The reason is
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By APRC-P3-Tel 2023-08-19 03:37:09

Java Exceptions in Startup log file

What could this possibly mean ? When the controller started the exceptions were not there, but apperaed 2 days after the start. These logs are not their during system start but develop therafter. Rela
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By APRC-P3-Tel 2021-12-10 03:14:55

EAP integration with external 3rd party Portal Server (PM-WANI compliant) in India

In 2020, Indian government has launched a new initiative called PM-WANI for accelerating Public Wifi Hotspot adoption in country They have defined a special distributed and open architecture comprisin
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By APRC-P3-Tel 2020-07-22 11:53:14

Move to SDN Controller from Omada Controller OR not ?

Background ========== We have a Apartment Campus LAN Network supporting the following nodes and applications: (1) Wired LAN - Dlink DES-1200, DGS-1200 and DGS-3120 series Smart switches - 40 Nos. (2)
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By Heujenthro 2020-01-11 16:31:38

Centralized or Combined controller/server for Omada and Pharos

Hope there will be one eco system management for Omada and Pharos devices.