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By TheWifiNoob 2019-07-05 16:08:14

AP Configuration not possible - OMADA Controller - EAP225- Outdoor

Hi guys, I would like to deploy a mesh network with my Vodafone Router (CH6640E Wireless Gateway Series) and 2x EAP225-Outdoor Do you have any idea why I can`t see any EAP at Step 3 of the Omada Contr
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By TheWifiNoob 2019-07-01 17:46:06

Best way to connect 2x EAP225 Outdoor

Hi guys, I have connected successfully 1x EAP225 Outdoor via LAN to my router from Vodafone. I have used the Omada App. The Local Access did not show me the EAP, so i had to configure it as Standalone