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Forums/ Omada Access Points
By mobb 2021-03-06 21:19:51

[ETA] EAP610-Outdoor?

Hello, does anyone know when the EAP610-Outdoor access point will be available for purchase? Regards
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By mobb 2020-12-25 22:13:01

[802.11ax] ETA outdoor access points?

Hello, when will Omada based outdoor access points approximately be available in USA or Europe? Regards
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By Boriy 2020-08-09 18:06:22

Which product is right for hotel ?

Hello guys, We're building 4 star hotel in the mountains and we we'll have GPON internet with 1gb/s speed. Hotel will have 70 rooms for guests and each room will have 1 Smart TV that will be connected
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By mobb 2020-09-29 09:07:52

[EAP230-Wall/EAP235-Wall] Why no IEEE 802.11k/v/r (Seamless Roaming)?

While reading the datasheet of the EAP230/EAP235 I found that those access points do not support seamless routing features, i.e. IEE 802.11k/v/r. This doesn´t make sense to me, as those access points
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By pauld123 2019-11-06 12:54:32

Dynamic VLAN with Omada Controller and EAP225

I'm trying to set up a wireless network where I would like to assign different access rights to the network for a couple of groups of users. I would like to use RADIUS for the authentication. As far a
Forums/ Omada Access Points
By JSchnee21 2020-09-09 23:56:58

Anxiously Awaiting the EAP 620 & 660 Wifi-6 AP's

So, When will it be? Seems like any day now. Will both be released together? How much will they cost? -Jonathan