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By 2021-12-20 17:35:39

Omada controller v5.0.29

After updating controller In alerts "The number of logs is up to the limit"
/ Omada Cloud SDN
By h8pewou 2022-01-09 18:49:31

Re:Omada controller v5.0.29

Same error on my end as well. I have no unarchived Alerts but I have 17201 records in Events. I'm using 5.0.29 on a VM.
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By ASCII 2020-11-23 13:46:00

autobackup still not working with 4.2.4

Hi, I've just upgraded to 4.2.4, hoping the autobackup failure would be fixed. I've setup Control Timezone to Europe/Berlin and Site Timezone to Europe/Berlin, but backups are not executed. Is the UTC
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By matt25 2020-11-14 01:03:54

Linux 4.2.4 .deb package

Is it planned to release a .deb package for the Linux controller version 4.2.4?
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By ASCII 2020-10-14 19:01:02

When is an update for EAP SDN Controller coming?

The current version of the EAP SDN Controller 4.1.5 has quite a few issues. If I had to pick one, the most prominent ones is probably the issue of not handling timeszones and DST correctly. Is there a
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By ASCII 2020-08-24 20:43:16

no clients connected but 100s of MB of traffic per day

Setup: Omada SDN controller 4.1.5, 2 EAP245v3 + 1 EAP225 Outdoor Currently, no clients are active, yet I see quite some traffic on the EAPs Example: Uptime 2 days 12:38:28 2,4 Ghz: Rx Packets : 435182