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By BLite 2023-01-22 02:11:01

[Followup] how to route different wifi ssid to different wan ports The above thread (and others I've found) show how to set up policy routing. I have > a dozen policy routes, so no mystery there. I would ap
Forums/ Routers
By Sashabencic 2022-06-20 14:07:37

ER605 VERY SLOW internet

Hello I purchased the ER605 Dual Wan router and have added it to the omada where i chose the update from the previous fimrware (dont remember version). It has updated to the lates one. Now I have issu
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By BLite 2022-07-01 23:46:50

Help diagnose an TL-SG108E 802.1Q VLAN problem and make 2022 slightly less awful?

Hello, Very short story - My 84yo mother lives alone in the middle of nowhere, with some "barely-there" internet connection options, and a variety of buildings on some sprawling wooded property. I spe
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By Tescophil 2022-06-09 15:56:21

Firmware Upgrade for EAP225v3 from 5.0.8

My controller is showing an update available for the EAP225v3 from the current version 5.0.8, but I can't find any detials on this. The TP-Link web site says 5.0.8 is the latest version. Any info avai
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By BLite 2022-05-04 12:44:32

Manual Site to Site VPN between two Omada-controlled ER605s - Assistance appreciated

Hello, I'm trying to create a manual site-to-site VPN and am failing miserably - and with no logging to diagnose the issue, I'm at a loss. I've read the support document, but it doesn't help much if t
Forums/ Controllers
By BLite 2022-03-12 01:37:47

How do you replace a gateway or controller?

Reading the specs on the ER605v2, there are definitely some benefits to upgrading a few of my installations. Anyone have a clue how that works? How do you swap a gateway in Omada-world? Same goes for