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By waynegr 2020-03-29 19:15:11

deco m4 not blocking adult content

Hello, new deco user. i bought the deco m4 and have tried repeatedly to block adult content. i followed all the instructions and still it refuses to block adult content on all devices(2 device in tota
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Kevin_Z 2021-03-18 07:56:32

TP-Link Onemesh Survey

We notice that there are customers paying high attention to the Onemesh feature of the AX routers, and they may have already waited for long for the Onemesh firmware. Here is the Onemesh compatibility
/ Deco
By Jong88 2021-05-24 04:29:25

Re:Guest Network in Router (Default) and AP mode

@Jong88 Please note that the guest network set up in TP-link Archer cannot access private network.
Forums/ General Discussion
By OKeefe 2021-04-21 09:28:12

Live Chat

Hi, Is the live chat currently working? It says 24 hours, but I tried everytime, it says agents are offline. will this feature be disabled anytime soon?
Forums/ Business Switches (Standalone)
By nosliw 2020-10-10 17:28:19

Bloquear google driver - Https

Alguem consegue me ajudar para bloquear o "Google Driver " e sites HTTPS. com Filtro Web ou de outra forma? Obs: já fiz de acordo com o Manual e não funciona. Alguem sabe se tem que fazer algo mais? O
Forums/ Omada EAP
By bland328 2019-08-29 18:01:52

Can devices be restricted to certain Access Points?

I have some (non-mobile) wireless automation devices that I want to associate exclusively with their nearest Access Points. I want to do this so that if that nearest AP goes down, the devices simply l