TL-MR3420, Air Printers, and connecting mobile devices

TL-MR3420, Air Printers, and connecting mobile devices
TL-MR3420, Air Printers, and connecting mobile devices
2017-11-28 16:10:09
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I’m looking in to satisfying a client need regarding a new installation that I believe will require two routers, and I’m hoping TP-Link routers will do the job. I wondered if someone could advise?

First the requirements: 1) a main device (iPad) running a web server connected to a router. The router has Internet access via a 4G dongle
2) an Air Printer
3) external customer devices connecting to the router and to the web server on the iPad.

a) The iPad should have access to the internet and the air printer connected to the same wifi network
b) The customer devices should be able to connect to the web server using an internal IP address (i.e. not via the internet)
c) The customer devices should not have access to the air printer or the internet.

I've identified a TP-LINK router ( that supports the use of a 4G USB dongle for internet connectivity, whilst also apparently being able to block access to websites that are not on a white list ( I appreciate that blocking websites != blocking the internet but this may be the best we can do. Whilst this router can provide a guest network for other devices to connect to, it does not appear able to allow selective access to certain LAN IP addresses (i.e. the device running the web server), which means that it will most likely be able to see the AirPrinter (local tests using different hardware backs this up).

My solution for this is to add a second TP-LINK router running in Access Point mode, connecting that to the first router, defining a different SSID, and then having all customer devices connecting to the second router.

I'd really appreciate someone advising if the above setup will work with TP-Link routers, and what - if any - are the red flags to watch out for? This is a time-sensitive matter for us to resolve and the pressure is building!