Extremely slow internet via Powerline adapter

Extremely slow internet via Powerline adapter
Extremely slow internet via Powerline adapter
2018-01-15 17:44:01
Model :

Hardware Version :

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Model : TL-PA4020P (UK)

Hardware Version : 1.0

Firmware Version : 1.2

Hi all,

just about a year ago I purchased 4 AV500 Powerline adapters with AC pass through (model TL-PA4020P) and have enjoyed the benefits of a wired network throughout the house, however recently I have noticed that the internet speed to the rooms served by these has dropped dramatically.

I have Virgin Media Cable connection (Vivid 200 Gamer 200Mbps connection) and when hardwired to the router, my devices managed to achieve this most of the time, however when I connect via the Powerline adapters (even in the same room) my connection never gets above 6 or 7 Mbps.
I have upgraded the firmware (TL-PA4020P_V1.2_UK_160223) on all 4 devices and using the tpPLC app, they show connections varying from 76Mbps to 145Mbps.
I have tested multiple devices (windows 7, 10 and Xbox)
I have tried using various cables and sockets around the house and I can't seem to increase the speed in anyway.
The house was rewired about 5 years ago, so its all new wiring and the fact that even side by side my speed wont change suggests to me something else is affecting the connection.

I am fairly sure that this is a recent (in the past 2 months) event that is affecting as I had a large file to download in November, whilst I did not run a speedtest, the file certainly did not take any longer than I expected it to. In that time, the only change made to the computer is the November Windows 10 update and no other changes to the house setup (no new devices plugged in nearby).

I hope someone can help me solve this issue, I realise I will never get my full 200Mbps through powerline due to line noise and various other factors, but I am confused as to what has caused such a marked decline in my network speed through my adapters.