Random disconnection with TL-PA8015P kit

Random disconnection with TL-PA8015P kit
Random disconnection with TL-PA8015P kit
2018-01-26 00:01:41
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Hello all

As the title of the topic says, I have random disconnection with my TL-PA8015P V2 kit.

I also have a TL-WPA8635P kit (which included a TL-PA8015P V1). I Only use it as a WIFI acces point and I have no problem with it the connection is stable.

I only have disconnection while i'm watching a video through a streaming service or just browsing. I don't have disconnection when I play games. Is it due to the power saving mode? I disabled it but nothing changed.

I already tried plugging the CPL's in different outlets.

Normally the latest (NON BETA) firmware are installed on all CPL's. For the TL-PA8015P V2 it is
On the TL-WPA8635P V1 it is the And on the TL-PA8015P V1

I know that there are some topics where people solved the problem by installing a beta firmware but those where for TL-PA8010P or TL-PA8030P kits and I don't know if it may have compatibility issues.

So if someone has a good firmware that will solve my problem I'll gladly take it even if it is beta.

Thank you
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Re:Random disconnection with TL-PA8015P kit
2018-01-26 18:15:03
The xxx5 are in essence the "french connection" (heh) versions of the european xxx0 series. While the hardware may be otherwise identical, there may be local regulatory differences, prompting different frequency tuning in the specific firmware.

So ... using EU firmware on an FR device may work, but you shouldn't do that.

And yes, TP-Link firmware update policy just plain sucks. Other major vendors have updated all their stuff (including the oldest hardware revisions) to 2.4, while we here are stuck with the incredibly unreliable 2.0.