router disconnects from internet

router disconnects from internet
router disconnects from internet
2018-02-09 01:50:41
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I would to know if there is a setting i need to do to prevent the following from happening?
I have a 3G usb modem connecting to the internet on the TP TL-MR3420 ROUTER.
Problem i have from time to time is. my router is on all the time, once in awhile i will discover that there is no internet connection.
The one time when this happen i was away from home and discovered that i could view my security camera remotely.
What i have done to get internet connection back working again, was to switch off the router for about 10 seconds and then switch it on again. Then after awhile, once router has started up, i could see the usb indicator light was on again and internet connection resolved. When i am not at home it becomes a problem for me.The problem doesn't look like it comes from my DNS provider( DynDns)?
Is there a way that i can fix this without having to physically switch router off on on again?
Please advise?
Regards Carlos