New AV600 not showing up in Utility

New AV600 not showing up in Utility
New AV600 not showing up in Utility
2018-05-13 04:05:27
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Up until now I've had a powerline network consisting of 2 AV500 (TL-PA4020PKIT) plugs and another plug with both Wifi and ports (TL-WPA4230P). I'm not using the Wifi functionality, so I've disabled this and I've just been using the physical ports just like with the other 2 plugs I have.

The Powerline Utility sees my plugs ok and shows the connection speeds.

All has been working relatively well except the Wifi Extender plug needs powering off and on again about once a week, so I decided to buy a new AV600 plug (TL-PA4010P KIT) to replace the wifi plug.

I also had swap 2 plugs around (As old Wifi plug had 3 physical ports, 2 of which I was using, and the new plug only has one physical port.).

The problem I have now is that the powerline utility doesn't see any of the plugs.
Everything is working fine... I've tested devices on each of the plugs and they can all access the Internet just fine, but for some reason the utility can't see them.

I downloaded the latest version of the utility but that made no difference.

So, the bottom line is that everything is working, but I can't see the connection speeds and I have no way to check or upgrade the firmware if necessary.

Any ideas?

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Re:New AV600 not showing up in Utility
2018-05-15 09:39:29
What's the OS of your computer?
Have you disabled firewall and anti-virus?
You can try to disable them and try again.
Besides, you may also try to install the utility on other computers.