AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game

AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
2018-07-26 20:40:02
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As soon as I connect to any online game, the connection on my T2U stops working, while windows will show in the bottom right of my screen that it is still connected to the wifi.
As a test, while downloading a file, I have connected to an online game and on the file download the download speed will drop to 0Kbps while the game gets disconnected. Around 20 seconds after I disconnect from the online game my connection comes back up and the download can continue, however the entire time windows is showing that there is a connection to the wifi.
I'm using the drivers from the disk provided with the AC600 TPLINK Archer T2U Dual Band adaptor and I am using Windows 10.
I've tested this adaptor on a Windows 7 computer and I was able to play online games with connection drops occurring much less and slightly slow connection.
I've tested this adaptor on many of my USB ports on my Windows 10 computer, none of which seem to solve the problem.
After downloading and installing the most recent Windows drivers for my Windows 10 computer, from:, I was unable to get a wifi connection at all, I kept being told that either I was typing the wrong password (Which I was not) or that it was just unable to connect to the wifi (After typing in the password and attempting to connect), tested on multiple USB ports. So I reverted to the driver from the disk and I am stuck with being unable to play online games at all.
The adaptor has no problems with downloading files, browsing google or watching YouTube.
My router is a Sky Hub 2 S102 (Single band 2.4GHz), however I have had no problem connecting to online games with 2 previous wifi adaptors. One of them was a dual band wifi adaptor (802.11ac), which I had been using up until it broke and I had to buy this AC600 T2U.
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Re:AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
2018-12-18 10:43:29


Seems like nobody respond. Was issue somehow resolved?

I happen to have the same problem, less sereve though. During online gameplay device disconnects for a minute or so once in a while, at random it seems. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Re:AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
2019-04-04 17:32:37

I have the same issue on Archer T2U nano AC600...

Only on 5GHz, the problem does not occur while i use 2,4GHz ;/

Windows 10, modem Technicolour with dual channel.

If anybody got to solve that, pls contact me.

Re:AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
2019-12-18 21:00:41

@Bagelll Well, I know it´s been a long time since the first post but it may help someone.


Archer TU2 AC600 V1


The problem I was facing was that on 5Ghz, everytime that the amount of data crosses a certain threshold, like 300Mbps on speed test, or downloading something and watching an youtube 4k video at the same time, the connection dropped and i had to disconnect wifi and connect it again. Everything was fine on 2.4Ghz. And everything was fine, even at 5Ghz on my laptop, using this adapter, not the default one.


After a few hours lost, it seems that the issue is the tp link driver(that i didn´t have installed on my laptop), and you have to remove it completely from the system and use the windows 10 default driver. To do that (windows 10):

1. right click wifi connection icon on the taskbar(next to the clock)

2. open network and internet

3. change adapter settings

4. right click the adapter and select properties

5. configure

6. select driver tab

7. unistall device and select remove drivers

8. restart pc.

 Windows will install default drivers.


If you have used the tp link driver in the past and the revert driver option, then you have to first reinstall that driver and then uninstall it. To do that , after the 6. select driver tab you do:

6.1. update controller

6.2. Check for updated drivers

6.3. install

6.4. restart

After that you can remove the device(do the 1 to 8 instructions above)



Some options that i use and may help, but didn´t solve my issue(only the driver uninstallation):

 Router options(not every router may have them):

 1. Disable air time fairness

 2. Select 80Mhz only (40Mhz or 20 don´t give higher speeds than 2.4Ghz 802.11n Mhz at 40 Mhz)

 3. Select 802.11n only or 802.11ac only

 4. Change the channel (mine is 44)




 Wifi adapter options (found in the above instructions after 5. configure)


Advanced tab:

1. AP force mode BW20 - disabled

 2. Channel mode - 5G only

 3. IEEE802.11h - enable

 4. multimedia/gaming environment - enable

 5. prefer 5G - enable

 6. radio on/off - enable

 7. Roaming sensitivity - disable

 8. selective suspend - disable

 9. Selective suspend idle timeout - 60


Power management tab:

Allow the computer to disable the device to save power - unchecked



And that´s it. It worked for me, it may work for someone else. If necessary remove the device again and let windows reinstall it. Not that i needed it...










Re:AC600 T2U disconnecting whenever I play an online game
2019-12-20 08:21:38 - last edited 2019-12-20 08:21:48



Thanks for sharing it.