Where to find firmware for TL-WR840N?

Where to find firmware for TL-WR840N?
Where to find firmware for TL-WR840N?
2018-10-22 19:57:07

Model : TL-WR840N
Hardware Version : TL-WR840N v5 00000005
Firmware Version : 0.9.1 3.16 v0001.0 Build 170608 Rel.58696n

few days ago I have got TP-LINK router TL-WR840N from my ISP. I have checked firmware version on my router and it is displayed: TP-Link TL-WR840N v5 00000005 0.9.1 3.16 v0001.0 Build 170608 Rel.58696n

Checking the CVE site for security vulnerabilities and found the following: https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2018-11714
The problem is rated with score 10, the highest vulnerability possible - complete remote control of device.

My question is:
1. How to get an update of firmware for this device?
I have found the following web page: https://www.tp-link.com/ae/download/TL-WR840N_V5.html#Firmware but for "V5" hardware version the last firmware update is 2017-12-21, but vulnerability was discovered this year. Where is never firmware?

2. The above web page if for "ae" - don't know which state this is United Arab Emirates. On firmware web page there is a statement to check regional web page for downloading firmware:
https://www.tp-link.com/us/choose-your-location.html but on this list my country "Slovenia" (Europe; Slovenia is east from the Italy and south of Austria) is not listed. Which is the correct region to download firmware from?

3. If there is no firmware update, what is your advice for using this device? Is it safe to use or should I dump it to the trash?