Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco

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Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco

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Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco
Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco
2019-09-17 07:30:03 - last edited 2019-09-18 16:34:03
Model: Deco P7  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

Ok so i got the latest firmware installed yesterday, thnks for that. Now the options are the same between the Deco P7 and the M5 i got.

Also i can now see to wich of the Deco's my devices are connected, great.

But, before i noticed that the new firmware was available my daughter was upset and complaining about loss off internet/wifi on the PS4 she was playing. When i tested the network speed i saw massive drop of speed and it was also very unstable. Also the tests i did with my phone and Speedtest showed very unstable and an dropping speed. (i got 250MB down and 25 up connection) And it got dow to 10mbit.


Luckily at the same time last night the update for de P7 arrived and installed it. Afterwards connection was a bit sluggish but af resetting and testing al the conected lines and wires it seem like its stable now and also is gettig higher speeds.

But.....,the strange thing is now that i can see to wich Deco the devices are connected. The PS4 does not connect to the nearest Deco but to the Deco one floor below. And this is through ethernet and not wifi. All the devices from the top floor are connecting to the deco one floor below... strange.

I disconnected the deco 1 floor below and kinda forced the PS4 to connect to the nearest Deco. This worked. But now the next day al the devices are again connecting to the Deco 1 floor below. Speeds are kinda ok but ik dont think it is the right way to connect right?


Situation is:

Bottom floor

Internet -> Deco P7 as main deco -> Switch -> ethernet Nas and to Deco P7 first floor
Deco M5 in Wifi mode for main living room


First Floor

Ethernet from switch bottom floor to Deco P7 on first floor -> Deco P7 on second floor


Second floor

Ethernet from switch first floor Deco P7 to Deco P7 on second floor -> switch and connects to PS4 and other


So why dont the devices on the second floor connect to the Deco they are directly connected to on the second floor, but are all connecting to the one on the first floor???



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Re:Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco
2019-09-17 18:44:59 - last edited 2019-09-18 16:34:03



One thing you may want to consider is the 2nd P7 being connect via ethernet to a switch which itself is connected to the main Deco.  This may be part of the issue.  Instead try connecing the 2nd using its Powerline Backhaul feature.  This will allow you more freedom of moving it and also may allow the PS4 and other devices to determine the remote P7 is the closest Deco to connect to.  Also i don't know if its possible but if that 2nd P7 can be hardwired via ethernet to your daughters PS4 her gaming connection should impove dramatically. 


On a side not to that regard let her know to change the MTU settting on the PS4 to 1472, instead of the standard 1500.  This will make her data packets smaller than the pipe the ISP provides and should also help improve the connection rate.  I personally did this with my PS4 and saw improvements.  


Let us know if PLC backhaul works.



Best Regards 

Re:Not connecting to nearest/fastest Deco
2019-09-17 21:15:00 - last edited 2019-09-18 16:34:03

@Carl  thanks for your answer and tips


i saw i made a mistake regarding the switch on the firat floor, there is no switch there.


I see i have the daisy chain and star network combined. is that possible/the problem maybe?


internet-----main deco p7--------switch-------Deco P7 first floor--------deco P7 second floor. 

so instead of the deco p7 on the second floor connected to the main deco via switch (Star network) it is now connected directly to the deco on the first floor via ethernet.

i can try to remove the switch at the main deco and directly connect the one on the first floor to it to create a daisy chain. is this the sollution you think? its not preferred cause i have to remove the nas  for this.




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