Archer T4U 1200AC disconnecting at high speeds

Archer T4U 1200AC disconnecting at high speeds
Archer T4U 1200AC disconnecting at high speeds
2019-10-03 14:26:53 - last edited 2019-10-03 14:38:51
Model: Archer T4U
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:

Hi all,


I'm having some disconnecting problems with my TP-Link wifi adapter (Archer T4U 1200 AC) when reaching high download speeds.

So basically I have purchased one about 11 months ago. At first use I already noticed that when downloading at high speeds (+/- 8MB/s and higher) my internet would just cancel out, disconnect or what else you want to call it. Therefor I have always limited my download speed to 5 MB/sec and it would not give me problems anymore. And if it did accidentally download faster, I always had to manually fix it by disconnecting and reconnecting to my router and it would work again.


Now since I upgraded my internet to a 500 mbit download speed I am getting the same problem with it while working (browsing) with spotify on the background.

I have already concluded that this problem is not caused by my router as other devices (5 people, 3 smart tv's, 4 laptops and alot of smartphones) are not having any similar problems.


I have already tried the following:

1. upgrading the firmware

2. tried other USB ports (2.0 and 3.0)

3. use it with and without extension cable


Does this issue sound familiar to anyone or is anyone able to help me out on this? I know it's a ''cheap'' option to buy a new one but I'm more of a try to fix it person :)


Edit: I'm also in close range of my router (~2 meters)

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Re:Archer T4U 1200AC disconnecting at high speeds
2019-10-09 05:59:54



We will do some troubleshooting first to locate the issue and try to fix it. 


What is the operating system of your computer?


What about the wireless signal strength? How far away does it from the main router?


How often it drops out the connection? Did it still connect to the host wifi but no internet or it lost wireless connection at all?


How did you install the driver? Use the CD or download the driver from the official website. You can reinstall the driver and give it a go.


Besides, if possible, we suggest you to change another computer to do a comparison analysis.

Have a great day.

Re:Archer T4U 1200AC disconnecting at high speeds
2019-10-09 18:15:16



Hi Kevin, thank you for your reply.


I'm using windows 10 education 64 bit. Wifi strength is 5/5 bars on a max of 2 meter distance with a thin wooden floor inbetween (300 mbps shown on adapter properties).


The connection only drops under high load like downloading or while multitasking. For instance, I was watching netflix just now and at the beginning of every episode (highest internet usage in the process) my internet vanishes. I must say, at the same time I was browsing something for my work/study. Sometimes I'm also doing a little research and open a few links in new tabs of my browser simultaneously, this also causes disconnection.


When I disconnect it does show I'm connected to the router but it says ''no internet'' after about ten seconds of having my browser tell me I'm disconnected from the internet. 


When I restart, I manually click ''disconnect'' and ''connect'' on my router at the ''available networks'' on the right bottom corner of my screen and it is back. However, when I'm simply browsing websites slowly and ''singletask'' or do stuff other than youtube and other internet consuming apps/sites it stays stable.


I tried alot of different solutions last week, including;

  1. Installing windows updates
  2. Installing the latest TP-link driver (from CD as well as download link provided by the TP-Link support team)
  3. Installing/updating my PC hardware drivers 
  4. Trying on different PC's (at my work office)
  5. Different USB ports


For help I contacted the TP-Link support team in Holland but they gave up and advised me to return the product to the store I bought it from.

I also had my bestfriend and experienced IT guy take a look but he couldn't solve my problem either.


As it's not a too expensive product, I'm not going to return and instead buy a different USB adapter if I don't get this one to work soon.