Reliance CDMA USB connectivity issue

Reliance CDMA USB connectivity issue
Reliance CDMA USB connectivity issue
2013-06-15 20:16:30
Region : India

Model : TL-MR3040

Hardware Version : V2

Firmware Version : 3.14.4 Build 121017 Rel.62268n

ISP : Reliance Netconnect+ (CDMA)

I have Reliance CDMA USB Modem Model ZTE AC2726. My TP-Link modem MR3040 V2 is able to identify my USB modem, but unable to connect to the internet. I have put dial number #777, no APN, and my username/password. (correct credentials)

Can you help me. Is there a bin file or something that I can upload to connect to the internet. Over here on Flipkart website ( a user received a bin file from you guys and connection with reliance started working.

Firmware Version: 3.14.4 Build 121017 Rel.62268n
Hardware Version: MR3040 v2 00000000

I have Airtel 3G modem and that is working fine. It is just the reliance modem having issues.
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Need support for CDMA/EVDO device
2013-09-02 00:52:58

I also have same issue with EVDO device. However it works fine for WiMAX USB Dongle and 3G HSDPA USB Dongle.

In my case, same thing is happening, it shows connected in web admin, but there is no internet connection in PC or any other device.

Looking forward for support.