Deco M5, expand with backhaul

Deco M5, expand with backhaul
Deco M5, expand with backhaul
2019-12-29 09:22:17
Model: Deco M5
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.3.2


I have a network in my house of 4x Deco M5 units. This works really well. 

I am building an extension to the house, and will add ethernet cables to the extension from the room with the main router. 

Am I right in thinking I can purchase Deco M4 units, placing one connected to the router/modem and another in the extension connected by the ethernet cable. If I do this, the M5 units will feed of these two wired M4s and I will have total coverage? 

Am I missing something?!?!?!?! 




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Re:Deco M5, expand with backhaul
2019-12-30 03:23:40



Hello, Chris, for your information, you can add multiple Deco products together to build up the mesh network. 


You can add the Deco M4 into the existing Deco mesh network to boost the wifi signal. You do not have to connect one of the Deco M4 to the modem, instead, you can add them as the repeater and connect them to existing Deco M5 to make it work. 


While if you want to create a separate mesh network, you can connect one of the Deco M4 to the modem and configure it as the regular router. And then add the slave unit. 


May it help.