Archer T9UH 0.4 Mbps best I can get ?!

Archer T9UH 0.4 Mbps best I can get ?!
Archer T9UH 0.4 Mbps best I can get ?!
2020-01-23 02:01:00
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:

Really starting to lose my patience now so thought I had better ask for help.


I have 2 Windows 10 laptops which have built in 2.4G adaptors, 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, and wanted to improve the connectivity of them so bought a T2U to try. After a day of messing about and only getting a speed of 0.02 Mbps I gave up and took it back thinking it was faulty. I exchanged it for a T9UH hoping the connecting lead would help position the antenna somewhere better than close to the machine. To my annoyance this was only marginally better at 0.4Mbps. To make sure this was not also faulty I plugged it into my desktop Windows 10 pro and without even installing the drivers it was off at 106Mbps and a steady 5G connection no problem. The original built in 2.4G adaptors are averaging about 6Mbps so something is clearly not right with the T9UH


I have tried all the steps to change channel on the router (Virgin Hub 3.0), downloaded the latest driver and trying every combination of antenna position and location I can but nothing works on either laptop.


I have spent 3 days trying to get this sorted and don't know what to try next.


Any help would be most welcome.



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Re:Archer T9UH 0.4 Mbps best I can get ?!
2020-03-03 08:15:33 - last edited 2020-03-06 00:28:17



When you test the T9UH on the desktop, you can get 106Mbps when connecting to the 5G wifi, which is fine, how about the 2.4G?

When you use the T9UH on the laptop, how far away between the laptop and the main router? What about the wifi signal strength? 

With your laptop connected to the wifi, please check the wireless negotiation speed. Instruction as below:

Besides, you can try to change the DNS server of the computer to give it a go.

Any updates, just let us know. 

Good day.