Router LED blinking, but not working

Router LED blinking, but not working
Router LED blinking, but not working
2020-03-31 20:45:46
Model: TL-WR840N
Hardware Version: V5
Firmware Version: Don't know

Good evening everyone.


Yesterday I buy my 300mbps Wirless N Router Model: TL-WR840N (V5), S/N: 217C621006736, MAC: B0-4E-26-**-**-86.
After booting up the first time everything went fine. w-lan, lan and Internet works great.


Later on I changed the ssid and the w-lan password. So far so good.
I switched off the router and placed him on his workplace.


After plugging in the power the router try to boot.
And there we are. Only the power LED is blinking. Nothing else.


The wireless devices got an ip. But it's not possible to connect to the Web interface of the router. Even a ping is not possible.

So I tryed a hard reset. I gently pressed in the wps/reset button. You can feel if it's pressed ;)
After 8 seconds LED's also blinking. Nothing work.

So I tryed pressing it up to 1 minute. Nothing work again.


I tryed the 30 30 30 reset. Nothing helped.

The on/off LED is always blinking in the same time frequenz.


I can't connect.
I havent updated the routers software.
I don't know the software version that's preinstalled.


Are there any other steps I can do? Or is the router dead?


-best regard

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Re:Router LED blinking, but not working
2020-04-01 03:17:01



Hello, there is only one LED light on the TL-WR840N, and Blinking slowly means the system is starting up or firmware is being upgraded. Do not disconnect or power off your router. Blinking quickly WPS connection is in progress. This may take up to 2 minutes.


Try to power cycle it first and use the original power adapter and then hold the WPS/reset button until the LED blinks to reset the router to its factory default settings.


After that, please connect your computer to the TL-WR840N and click here to get the IP address and gateway. Try to log into the web UI or ping the gateway of the router, please show me the ping results. 


Good day.