Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection

Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection
Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection
2013-01-25 00:46:16
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TL-WN822N

Hardware Version : V3 (? Not sure this is correct - see below)

Firmware Version : 2.0


I have been using my TL-WN822N Ver:2.0 for approx. 6 months without a problem.
I was updating some other driver software and saw there was a new utility software for this (I have NOT updated the firmware)

I upgraded the TP-Link Utility the other day and since then I keep losing connection with my local network after a period of inactivity (not sure how long - 30 mins maybe)
I have set the Power Save mode to OFF.
Signal strength is always given as 92% Excellent.
I never have a problem reconnecting but it is really annoying.
When reconnect it does not remember my password. I've noticed that if I restart my computer it will then remember the password.
I am running Windows 7.

Please advise, H
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Re:Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection
2013-01-25 15:32:53
you could try to uninstall the utility to see if it will work stably.
You can also try this way to connect the wireless network:
Re:Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection
2013-01-27 00:02:18
Thanks for reply.
Uninstalled new version of utility and re-installed original version from mini CD supplied.
Same problem.
Its as if the power management is switching it off despite having switched this option off.
Re:Updated TP-Link Utility - now keep losing connection
2013-02-28 05:28:24
I had a similar problem I think with the TP-LINK USB wireless adaptor. I lost the wireless network connected icon from the system tray after tinkering with a Kellys Korner macro and could not find how to get it back.

So, I decided to use the TP-link adaptor.
It connected fine bystarting the config utility, clicking on the 'Network' icon and the wireless router in the list of available signals, clicking on connect and entering the password. All fine. But the pasword seemed to vanish every time I switched off, and in my case it was selecting another server by default (A neighbour's?) and this would not connect.

So clicking around aimlessly I clicked 'QSS' (no idea what this may mean), 'auto' and hit the 'QSS button'. The 'progress' bar grew slightly then stopped. I then (Don't know why, so don't ask) Then going back to 'Network' there was a little twirly spinning pair of arrows next to the router name where it appeared in the list. 'Oooh'....I said, looks promising I thought. Switched off, switched on and the password had gone.


I clicked on 'Profile' (Don't now why I did this either) and added a profile called 'Prof 1' with my router picked from the list. It had a blue triangle next to the 'Prof 1' profile and anothe blue triangle next to the router icon.

I restarted the computer....Bingo! success, auto connect with the password retained, Wi-Fi joy unbounded.

All is not yet right there is a funny script appears on restart but I just click on its X to turn it off.