TP-Link MR600 - WiFi trouble with OSX? (Teams, WhatsApp, Login)

TP-Link MR600 - WiFi trouble with OSX? (Teams, WhatsApp, Login)
TP-Link MR600 - WiFi trouble with OSX? (Teams, WhatsApp, Login)
2020-07-04 07:51:27
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 200511 Rel.44954n



I exchanged my Huwai B315 with the TP-Link MR600 and so far I am very pleased with everything (Speed, Signal Strength, One Mesh, ...). I use it together with the RE300 Device to create a Mesh.


But there are things that don't seem to work when using my MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.15 (19F101):


- When I open Teams, it takes a long long time to load and when it finally does it's not working (I can't see who is online and my messages do not arrive and I don't receive any... only things from the buffer are shown. Sometimes even an Error Message comes up). It is working when I connect to my old Wifi


- When I use the WhatsApp Application on my MacBook it's generally working, but I can't send pictures to other people. It works on my other WiFi


- Yesterday I even realized that it's not possible to Login at which works in the other WiFi


Surfing the Web and using Outlook etc. is working like a charme! Even connecting with the VPN on my virtual machine (Win 10) running on my MacBook Pro is working. But I have the same effects on the virtual machine as on my MacBook Pro on which the VM is running on.


BUT: When I use my DELL XPS 15 Notebook running Windows 10 on the same WiFi everything is working! So I would guess this is OSX related issues, but I think it's somehow related to the MR600 as everything is also working for my MacBook Pro when I switch to another Wifi (my old one). Is it possible that OSX is not 100% compatible with the MR600 router? I will try to switch of the Smart Connect + One Mesh and check if my Mac is working after that during the weekend, but those are actually some of the features why I bought the MR600 in the first place... Is there anything known about such issues?


My networking skills are quite basic, so I thought I try to ask the question in a forum. If you need more details, just let me know. One thing I already tried since to me it seemed like some ports are blocked so I declared the IP of my Mac as DMZ, but it still didn't work.


I love everything else about the MR600, but this is driving me nuts. Is there maybe some kind of software which I can use to analyze what's going on? I set the Log Level to Debug and ALL on the MR600 but it logs nothing when I try those things I mentioned above.


Thanks for your help in advance!


PS: Fun Fact... to send this post from my Mac I even had to switch to my old WiFi... :)