Archer MR400 previously working. No internet access

Archer MR400 previously working. No internet access
Archer MR400 previously working. No internet access
2020-07-06 11:11:38
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I have been using the router for over a month, contiously taking in and out the SIM card from the router.  Everything was working fine.


Today, when I inserted the SIM, I did not have internet connection.


I have set back to factory all configurations as well as I have downloaded the logs to troubleshoot the issue. One of the most concerning messages is: "2016-01-01 00:03:04 [6] 4G: ERROR: Get sim card number failed (0)."


Still, the SIM works fine on my mobile phone.


It is worth mentioning the sticker used for the SIM is a bit broken and less sticky that it was.


Thank you

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Re:Archer MR400 previously working. No internet access
2020-07-10 06:01:23




May I have a photo of the sticker with a bit broken?


For your case, please contact your ISP and get the APN of SIM card, then create an APN profile as the instruction below:
Kindly note that the APN information including APN, Username, and password, etc. are provided by your ISP.


Please insert another SIM card to the router, then check if it can work well.


If still no Internet, please help us confirm some information:

1. When did you buy a tp-link device and when did the issue start?

2. May I know who is the ISP?  

Here is an instruction you can refer to access the web interface of the router:


3. After creating the APN file, please wait for 5 mins and help us collect the system log:
Advanced -> System Tools -> System Log-> Save Log and send to us

4. Advanced > Network > Internet, send us a photo of your Dial-up settings
Advanced > Dial-up > ISP Update, check the ISP Version and send to us 
Advanced> Firmware upgrade > check the Firmware version and send to us 

5. May I know the hardware version on the label of your 3G/4G router? 


May it help and have a nice day!