Continuous Packet Loss received due to router

Continuous Packet Loss received due to router
Continuous Packet Loss received due to router
2020-07-21 14:37:27
Model: TL-WR841N
Hardware Version: V11
Firmware Version: 3.16.9 Build 160325 Rel.62500n

Since the last 4 Days, i have been receiving continuous packet loss. I have narrowed this issue down to my router - TL-WR841N


From Router diagnostic page, you can see that :



What i have checked so far :


1. The wiring is proper.

2. My ISP set up a wired connection for me via dial up and doing that resulted in No Packet Loss

3. Connecting to any other network (Like my mobile data) resulted in no packet loss

4. All Network drivers up to date

5. Router firmware up to date


The issue is clearly happening only in case of wireless connected through router. I am confident that there is no issue from ISP end.


I performed no change in setting of router / network. The issue is intermittent and came out of no where


Can anyone please help me with this? I can provide any other information that you would like to know.

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Re:Continuous Packet Loss received due to router
2020-07-22 01:33:27





Sorry for the inconvenience caused here. We would do some troubleshooting first to narrow down this issue and try to fix it. 


May I know who is your ISP?


What is the light status of the WR841N when the connection drops out? Can you get internet from it via wired cable at that time? Please connect your device to the modem directly to do a comparison test as well.


When the network stops working, please check the IP address and default gateway with your computer connected to the modem/router separately and show me the status-details page. Instruction as below: 


At that time, please log into the web UI of the WR841N and take a full screenshot of the Advanced-status page, then go to the Advanced-System Tools-System Log to save and export it to us. 


Besides, please follow the instruction below to do some tests and tell me which case you belong to: 


Good day.