wireless bridge to a wired PC

wireless bridge to a wired PC
wireless bridge to a wired PC
2020-08-04 18:53:10


i would like a recomendation for a router / access point that can bridge my wireless home network to a wired PC. 

i have a router at my living room and a PC in a remote room. i would like to have a router or access point to connect to my home router via wireless connection (dual band) and transmit to a wired PC through a cable


i also need something cheap and do not want to invest in Mesh..

would the Archer C6 or similar fit for that task? i have high bandwitdh connection so i need something to use the dial band capabilities



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Re:wireless bridge to a wired PC
2020-08-06 07:58:29


Good day.

Thank you for your concern.

There is some advice for you:

  1. The wireless range extenders, such as:



2. The power-line extenders(It requires the whole house under the same electric meter and one of the adapters would connect to the router via cable, the second extender could connect to the laptop, between the two adapters, they are wireless and communicate via electric wire)



3. For the access point, like TL-WA1201(dual-band access point), we might need to set it up to work on client mode:


Thank you~