Deco P9 Connection problems after V1_200918 firmware update..

Deco P9 Connection problems after V1_200918 firmware update..
Deco P9 Connection problems after V1_200918 firmware update..
2020-12-09 23:17:08
Model: Deco P9
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.2 Build 20200918 Rel. 74476



I have the Deco P9 - 3 pack units which I bought last December 2019.  I have been using the P9's for my whole home's wifi and LAN connectivity since I purchased them and everything has worked perfectly (aside from 1 issue early on that ended up being due to my ISP gateway).


I have done a couple of firmware updates through the Deco app and never had any issues, until this most recent update to the 200918 firmware.  I updated to this firmware on 11/27/2020 through the Deco app and everything appeared to worked correctly.  My Deco P9's continued working like they always had for about 3 days.  On day 3 I found that the Wifi was down throughout my home.  I couldn't connect to the main Deco P9 through the app and when I looked at the unit the white light was still on.  I assumed it was an issue with my ISP gateway so I shutdown/restarted the gateway and all 3 P9's as well.  Once everything booted back up I was back up and running, and thought nothing of it.


Everything worked great again until about 2-3 days later.  At around 3pm I noticed that all of the Wifi and the LAN connected devices (which are fed off the main P9) were down again.  When I looked at my ISP gateway everything appeared to be normal so I decided to disconnect my LAN from the main P9 and connected directly to the gateway LAN.  When I did this the LAN devices were all back up and internet connected, but the Deco P9 Wifi network was still down.  The light on top of the main P9 was still white which I found to be odd.  I tried to connect to this P9 through my Deco app and after a little while it connected.  I had enough time to notice that the app stated everything was working fine (which it was not) and then the app lost the connection.  I started checking some other Wifi devices and began to notice that it seemed the Deco Wifi network would be up for a few minutes and the drop back out repeatedly.  At this point I decided to once again reboot all of my network equipment.  Once everything booted back up the problems were gone again.


Today the P9 network and internet dropped back out again.  At this point I concluded that the Deco units had to be the problem as my gateway was still up and running fine.  My son is currently attending school from home and was in class so I didn't have the oppurtunity to troubleshoot anything so I rebooted everything again, and problem solved.  I am led to believe that this most recent firmware update is to blame since that is the only thing I have changed in months with regard to my homes networking equipment.


I located the previous V1_200513 firmware on the TP-Link website and downloaded it.  I am considering rolling back to this firmware using the method I found in your knowledgbase.  Before I do this I wanted to reach out in this forum to see if anyone else is experiencing similar issues since updating to this recent firmware?  Is there any reason I shouldn't roll back to the 200513 firmware? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated,