Multiple SSID issue with WA901N

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Multiple SSID issue with WA901N
Multiple SSID issue with WA901N
2021-02-17 15:12:36
Model: TL-WA901ND  
Hardware Version: V6
Firmware Version: 3.16.9 Build 200703 Rel.33357n (4555)



I have a weird VLAN / Multiple SSID issue with my new WA901N access point which is connected to the dumb switch on my home broadband router.


I have setup 2 SSID's (Main and Guest) the first (Main) is on VLAN1 and the second (Guest) is on VLAN2.  I have left the AP in "SmartIP" mode.


When I connect to the Main SSID from my laptop or mobile, they connect fine and can get onto the Internet.


When connecting the same devices to my Guest SSID they do not get an IP address or then obviously connect to the Internet.


I then setup Static IP on the AP and let the AP handle DHCP.  When connecting to the Main SSID I could still get to the Internet.  When connecting to the Guest SSID I received an IP address, but could not connect to the Internet.


Has anyone else seen this issue at all? Do you think the Broadband router is blocking anything?  It does not have VLAN capability, so I thought it would ignore it.





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Re:Multiple SSID issue with WA901N
2021-02-18 15:13:41 - last edited 2021-02-18 15:18:42





Im going to have to be honest with you and say what you are trying to achieve isn't going to work with that ISP Router.


The 901 is basically just an AP and therefore cannot support the VLAN creation, so what happens is it tags the VLAN to the traffic and chucks it to the router on VLAN1.       My guess is the router either 

1.  Sees the packet tagged for VLAN2 and ignores it unless the tag is for VLAN1 (default vlan)

2. Strips the tag and sends a reply on VLAN1 (default) as this is the only VLAN it knows, therefore the packet wont transverse to the other VLAN2 for guests and basically its lost.

I would say 2 is the more likely..


You will need a router or gateway that can support VLANs (tagged and native) to make this work..  this is outside of home grade stuff and into business, something like the TL-R605 


Better option might be to get a gateway router (WiFi Router) to replace the WA901 that supports broadcasting of a guest network and let it do the hard work for you.   Yes the IP the guests get will be on the same VLAN and IP Range, however the guest feature will restrict access between the guest and private SSIDs via ACL rules.