Wifi Dongles are always disconnecting

Wifi Dongles are always disconnecting
Wifi Dongles are always disconnecting
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I am trying to trouble shoot why my wifi dongles are always disconnecting. Even on boot they need to be re-plugged in to get started, and then every 5 minutes after. I have a custom built Win10 PC with an ASUS PRIME motherboard. 

I have tried to troubleshoot by eliminating different possibilities:


  • I have brought different models of TP-LINK WIFI dongles (x3, two thumb drive shaped and one cabled with antennas) and they all have the same issue
  • Every other computer in the house does not suffer from this issue, so it's not the WIFI connection
  • I have loaded a Linux Distro live and I get the same results so it's not a Windows issue. I have even reinstalled and wiped Windows 10 PRO fresh for this reason and it hasn't changed.
  • I have brought a SATA powered USB-C hub for a spare PCIe slot, using these USB slots too yeild the same results as the Motherboard usb slots
  • I have looked through every setting in the BIOS and appeared to have toggled each setting relating to I/O, USB, PICe, or power saving and still no difference
  • All other USB devices do not suffer any kind of malfunction and work perfectly fine (even powered hdds, webcam and speakers).


I am really pulling my hair out on this one, I seem to have eliminated all possible avenues. The only thing I can do is test the WIFI dongles on different PCs but all three can't be faulty so there's not much point to that.


I am open to any suggestions, thanks!