TD-W8961ND with 5 x TL-WA830RE and VLAN?

TD-W8961ND with 5 x TL-WA830RE and VLAN?
TD-W8961ND with 5 x TL-WA830RE and VLAN?
2013-03-27 21:22:33
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TD-W8961ND

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :

ISP : Solwise (Plusnet really though)


We need to replace the old modem for a small hotel, at the same time we are trying to expand the open (and free) public wifi that we currently offer in the bar area.

Before our current modem/router went *PFFFT*, we had managed to get quite decent coverage using the 5 TP repeaters (TL-WA830RE) - but it was ALOT of work. Now we're hoping to replace with a TP modem to make the wifi setup easier.

We also have 3 pc's, two wired and one wireless, that are for hotel use. We would like to keep these as separate and as safe as possible from the guest wireless, and i have been told VLAN is the best way to go.

Sooooooooo, from what i have read on its spec's, the TD-W8961ND has both VLAN and QoS (which we would also like). It is also well within our price range.

Given the setup we wish to implement, is the W8961ND the right idea? What considerations do i need to be bearing in mind for setup?

Many thanks,
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Re:TD-W8961ND with 5 x TL-WA830RE and VLAN?
2013-03-28 15:49:13
Just recieved an email from TP link regarding the TD-W8961ND:

"Sorry to tell you that the TD-W8961ND may not be able to meet your requirement since it cannot provide wifi for so many devices and the vlan of this modem is used for four LAN ports."

What does this mean??? I think i get the port VLAN, but the wifi? does it mean that it cannot handle 5 devices communicating at once over WIFI? Coz if so that is a bit naff!
Re:TD-W8961ND with 5 x TL-WA830RE and VLAN?
2013-09-12 00:53:42

Did you get anywhere with this?

I have implemented a TD-W8961ND at a customer to improve Wi-Fi and some TL-WPA281 Wi-Fi PowerLine devices to extend Wi-Fi coverage to parts of their farm building where the TD-W8961ND would not reach. So far so good.

While there they asked if we could get Wi-Fi Internet to a holiday cottage they have for guests. Have purchased a TL-WA801ND AP for them and all works on my setup OK but I can't test VLAN implementation with it as my router does not support it.

Look as if it should all work! But will it??? Will find out as I off to install the TL-WA801ND tomorrow!

Any experience you have had would be appreciated.

I have experienced with some other setups recently the Vlan'd Wi-Fi ports not getting DHCP IP assigned as mentioned elsewhere on this forum.
Set a static IP and all good, but that's rubbish for a 'Holiday Guest' situation!!!