Cannot connect to Internet

Cannot connect to Internet
Cannot connect to Internet
2013-04-11 02:55:08
Region : Sweden

Model : TL-MR3420

Hardware Version : V2

Firmware Version :


I'm trying to replace my old router with the TL-MR3420 but I cannot reach Internet.

I get "Internet" directly by a Cable into my apartment. This Cable is connected to the WAN input.
Then I connect my computer to one of the LAN ports.
(The Cable Connections are done exactly as on my previous router.)

The setup on my PC (running Windows 8) is as described in the manual (IP address automatic and
DNS server automatic).

Internet doesn't work and I cannot reach the router from the browser using

I'm not using any 3G and of course I have restarted the router (and PC) a couple of times.

I thought I could just replace my old router with the new one... but NOT.

Please help.
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Re:Cannot connect to Internet
2013-04-11 13:33:00
try, it seems V2 changed the default ip address.
choose wan only and set dynamic ip , restart the cable modem and check if you can get any wan ip address. sometimes the mac clone is required.