[Read First] Welcome to Feature Request Board for Deco


[Read First] Welcome to Feature Request Board for Deco

[Read First] Welcome to Feature Request Board for Deco
[Read First] Welcome to Feature Request Board for Deco
2022-03-15 06:41:24 - last edited 2023-07-13 06:21:31
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Welcome to the Feature Request Board for Deco!


It is to serve as a suggestion box where you can propose ideas for improving TP-Link products on your experience. All suggestions are public, and every community member can Vote and Comment on ideas proposed by others.



Vote for Preferred Ideas:

About "Vote for This Thread"

The latest update of community UI has added voting for preferred features. Usually, One post will be selected as the main thread available for voting among all the similar posts, and the rest will be merged as sub-threads that don't support voting. Once the main thread has been selected, it could not be edited anymore and you might need to contact the moderator for further editing.


How to Vote



Recommendations for sharing your own ideas:

Before sharing your ideas

1. Do a quick search to see if someone has already posted the same request.

2. If you do find an idea you like, go it a vote to add the weight of your voice.


When sharing your ideas

1. Submit each request individually as a separate topic.

Note: if you happen to start a repeated thread, it will be merged into the original thread by moderators.

2. Follow the format below to make your request more visible, and as easy as possible for us to manage:

  • Title: What’s your feature request?

Be brief and clear. This should be a simple form, such as which Model or Product Line needs to have which Feature, so your request could be easily searched and attract attention from others.

  • Content: Why do you like to see this feature, or how would you like this feature to help you?

Be understandable. Try to explain why and under which circumstance this feature is needed.
Some background information such as your use case around your experience could be helpful to explain what is being requested, and easy to get attention and support from others.



How we'll handle these ideas posted?

Every post on this forum is monitored by community moderators.

We make notes and review them with our support team on a regular basis, but we may not respond to each idea individually. Ideas that have sufficiently clear and impactful benefits will be translated into tickets on the product team’s project board with higher priority. From there, the product managers who are responsible for the relevant part(s) of TP-Link assess the ideas and decide whether and when to integrate them into their development plans.



As always, TP-Link appreciates your feedback and participation. You are what makes this Community great!



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