...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's

...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's

...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's
...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's
2022-05-28 13:59:15 - last edited 2022-05-30 00:56:14
Model: TL-WA901N  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 6.0



I have a friend who has a countryside chalet and wants to access Internet from his cousin who lives about 80

meters away from him. Both properties have an unobstructed view from eachother. My friend has very little

networking knowledge.


He installed an EAP110-outdoor, that i previously  configured, on his cousin's house roof, hardwired the 110's

POE supply to the cousin's router and now he can have Internet from outside of his own chalet. Clear signal,

the 110 does its job.


Until now, everything's okay.


The issue is when he enters his own house, he loses all of the signal. The property's walls block all WiFi



He bought a second EAP110-Outdoor that he wants to install in his TV tower (as a client for the first EAP110)

and a TL-WA901N inside his chalet to diffuse Wi-Fi inside it. Both are hardwired.


I tried, unsuccesfully to configure the second EAP110-outdoor as a client. It seems that i have to configure

the TL-WA910N to use both it and the EAP together.


Are there any good tutorials to help me configure this setup ? or some explanations ? I have some networking

knowledge but am not a pro.

Thank you.

Normand Martel

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Re:...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's
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For the described topology it's better to use devices like CPE210 to transfer the signal between houses.

And then connect the WA901N to CPE210 for spreading the wireless coverage inside the house.

Read through this installation guide and watch this video tutorial for details.

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Re:...Config of TL-WA901N with two EAP110-Outdoor's
2022-05-29 17:46:30 - last edited 2022-05-30 00:56:14

Thank you !!!

After further research, i finally realised that the EAP110's are AP's only !!!! So communications between two AP's is impossible.

I finally tried the setup backwards, using the TL-WA901N as the outdoor unit configured as client and the second EAP110-Outdoor... inside as the final user AP.

I know, it is ackwards, but it is only for tests, and now that i know that this setup works, i will search for an outdoor-capable client antenna to make a real link for my friend.

Thank you for your help.



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