Av1000 problems using 3 adapters

Av1000 problems using 3 adapters

Av1000 problems using 3 adapters
Av1000 problems using 3 adapters
2022-10-06 09:17:38
Model: TL-PA7017 KIT  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 3.2.4_701E14_190426_901

I seem to have a probem with 3 powerline adapters in use, whereby I can only ever connect between 2 of them at once.


These are all PA7017 AV1000


Unit 1 - Hallways comms cupboard - connected to router, socket directly below consumer unit on kitchen ring

Unit 2 - Garage - connected to hub/wireless access point, separate circuit from consumer unit to garage consumer unit

Unit 3 - Office - connected to hub, separate downstairs ring


Now, before anyone mentions being across different circuits, I am fully aware of this.


The garage Unit 3 route is actually through 2 MCB's in the main consumer unit, out to garage consumer unit and througha  DP isolator and another MCB. That connection gets 200-300Mbs


The office is a separate ring from Unit 1, so the route is through 2 MCB's in the main consumer unit. That connection gets 300Mbps


The problem isn't the connections themselves. The problem is that all 3 don't seem to work together. I have reset all 3 and then paired by pressing button on Unit 1 first, then Unit 2. I then press button on Unit 1 and Unit 3.


The issue is that Unit 1 only ever connects to one of the others, and can randomly switch between them. If I use TP-Link utility I can see a single connection from Unit 1 'Router' to Unit 3 'Garage'. I can then refresh and I will see connection between Unit 1 'Router' and Unit 2 'Office'. This is also born out by visibility ot Anydesk connectivity to Garage or Office computers (with my laptop connected to WiFi via main router so via Unit 1 'Router')


As far as I am aware these are supposed to be able to work with multiple units joining the network, but this just doesn't seem to be the case for me.


The connections to each location work if I just have two units on, but if I have all three then it only works between Unit 1 and either of the other two.


I have tried a full reset of the encryption as I initially thought I may have 2 different networks set up, but then how would Unit 1 have been able to commnicate with both?





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