TL-WPA8631P slow upload speed

TL-WPA8631P slow upload speed

TL-WPA8631P slow upload speed
TL-WPA8631P slow upload speed
2023-03-05 13:24:57
Model: TL-WPA8631P KIT  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 20210514

I recently noticed that the upload speed of my power line adapter get barely above 1 Mbps, while my upload speed is fine at around 80 Mbps.

The low upload speed is now effecting my use with cloud storage as is now take a really long time to update and upload new files.


When I directly connect to the WiFi or my router, the upload speed is much better at around 20Mbps although as expected my download speed is lower at around 30 Mbps.


I trying to figure out that the reason is for my slow upload speed with my power line adapter, both connect wired with ethernet or with WiFi give my a super upload speed.


I've tried resetting the power line adapter and plugging them into different power sockets, but they give me the same results.

I have also tried the VDSL mode, but does not seem to change anything for me. Same or updating the Firmware or downgrading it to a lower version.


Does anyone have any tips for what I can still try to fix this problem? 

This setup has been working fine for months, but since a week or 2 my upload speed is slow.




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Re:TL-WPA8631P slow upload speed
2023-03-08 09:54:41


Hi, do you have a proper download speed from TL-WPA8631P?

If moving the master adapter TL-PA8010 and extender 8631P closer, then reset/re-pair once, will it help improve the upload speed?

By the way, how long have you had the adapters?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.




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