Custom dns in DoH List


Custom dns in DoH List

Custom dns in DoH List
Custom dns in DoH List
2023-12-11 04:02:30
Tags: #VPN #DoH #nextdns
Model: Archer C80  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.13.2 Build 230824

Add the NextDNS to the DoH list or ALLOW to use a custom dns to be able to add the "number id" to load custom dns-settings on the url (exemple.dns/IDNUMBER)
this DNS works great on Privacy / ads / tracking / bypass..many others
why only that three options?? (three big company "free" = you is the product)


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Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2023-12-12 06:29:02



Hi, thank you very much for the feedback.

We've already reported the feature request to product team for evaluation to support DoH custom DNS, feel free to let us know if you have more suggestions.

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Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-01-04 15:27:05
AdGuard DOQ dns over quic improved performance Encrypt DNS traffic
Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-01-04 16:09:57
DNS-over-QUIC is a new DNS encryption protocol and AdGuard DNS is the first public resolver that supports it. So what's good about it? Unlike DoH and DoT, it uses QUIC as a transport protocol and finally brings DNS back to its roots — working over UDP. It brings all the good things that QUIC has to offer — out-of-the-box encryption, reduced connection times, better performance when data packets are lost. Also, QUIC is supposed to be a transport-level protocol and there are no risks of metadata leaks that could happen with DoH.
RE:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-02-12 19:31:19
fully support doh over quic & https/3
Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-04-28 14:05:22 - last edited 2024-04-29 03:39:14


I am bumping this thread instead of creating a new one. This problem is present in Archer C6 v4 also.


There is no possibility to manually enter our own DoH Server URL. This is purely a software limitation and completely unacceptable.

DoH Setting in Archer C6 v4

DoH Setting in Web Interface of Archer C6 v4. No text field is present here.


Restricting the number of DoH servers affects users of Paid DNS services such as NextDNS or AdGuard DNS. This limitation also affects users of Public DNS Resolvers who offer flexible DoH services like AdGuard Public DNS, LibreDNS, AhaDNS, etc. Another group of users affected by this restriction are those who host their own DNS Servers.


An ideal resolution to this problem would be to add a text field for DoH Server URL. Then users can manually enter their own server URL. This will allow the users to connect to their chosen DNS Resolver and solve this problem.


I request the TP-Link team to prioritize this issue.

Thank you.

I am using two routers: TL-WR841N and Archer C6. The Archer C6 Router limits DoH support to 3 Servers. Users cannot enter their Custom DoH Server manually.
Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-05-22 09:26:53 - last edited 2024-05-22 09:31:03


Nothing yet?
would be nice if release custom and also the use of  "DoT" option
you giving us only that two options to connect its a joke
why we can't just use our own  DNS preference?? (quad, nextdns, openvpn, mullvad etc)
Please it's been about 3 ~ 4 months since the beta firware was released to C80 and no new update so far

Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-05-22 12:50:34

Hi @itachimetal,


You must be expecting reply from a forum moderator. However, I am not any forum staff but I can see that it has been a while since I bumped your post. I am using Archer C6 v4 and this issue affects me too. So, I am just another unsatisfied user of a TP-Link product.


I would like to remind whoever reads this thread that the current implementation of DoH is artificially limiting users' choice of DNS server. The current implementation already affects users of Paid DNS Services (e.g. NextDNS and AdGuard DNS which provide custom addresses per device for traffic analytics). Again, this is not a hardware issue that cannot be fixed. It is a software limitation, an unacceptable implementation of an otherwise useful feature. I suggest the developers to just implement a text field for user input of server address.


It is quite unfortunate that there has been no update or communication from TP-Link.

I request TP-Link to open communications and reply with update information.

I am using two routers: TL-WR841N and Archer C6. The Archer C6 Router limits DoH support to 3 Servers. Users cannot enter their Custom DoH Server manually.
Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-05-22 13:21:46
please deploy some doh or doq soltion across the tplink deco lines to help improve the secure networks dns.google,com Thank you in advance for improving your lines tplink & deco
Re:Custom dns in DoH List
2024-05-22 19:35:22

  Hello @thisispratyay 

yep i read your posts
and yes....tplink "software" implementation is not great
they just put this that most of users dont use
or/and dont offer things to advanced users.
i open other post asking about the insane ping to the "rootservers".....something like that
and the mod just said: is nothing import! you dont need to care about.
i can some things from tplink that is weird and not friendly to privacy

everyone with more knowledge knows who cloudflare and google is
no coincidence they only allow these two

Re:Custom dns in DoH List
4 hours ago

  @Sunshine Is this feature to add custom dns in DoH list available now for Archer series such as C6 v4 ?



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