Remote access to TD-VG3631 hacked

Remote access to TD-VG3631 hacked
Remote access to TD-VG3631 hacked
2014-01-30 03:58:09
Region : Denmark

Model : TD-VG3631

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :


I have initiated remote access to my td-vg3631.
Unfortunately it has been hacked and the hacker has used our VOIP account to direct calls to international numbers.
I have now set-up a specific IP-adress for remote access only.
However this is not a very good solution, as I would like to access from other ip-addresses as well.
Furthermore, when I have to key in user-id and password it tells me that I am given these information on a not secured line - is there another way I can access to my sure that no-one will be able to grap my data?
Are you working on a firmware update to prevent these kind of hackings?
I have the firewall enabled. Any suggestions for what else I could set up to prevent hackers?
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Re:Remote access to TD-VG3631 hacked
2014-02-13 09:08:44
Is the VoIP settings modified after the router is hacked? such as, the forward is configured by someone to direct incomming calls to unknown phone numbers?
Hacked Settings
2014-04-08 00:08:42

My router as also have been hacked and the voip account settings were changed, everything from numbers, registrar domains and passwords were grabbed by someone not me.
My ISP has blocked my account as someone made lots of calls to a foreign country.

Does someone has news on this thread or is TP-Link doing nothing related to this issue?