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2014-05-07 06:36:55
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TD-W8970

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 131114

ISP : Zen

Hello all.

I have recently purchased my router and as a matter of course looked to update the firmware. The UK latest version is 130201, the version already flashed is 131114 as above.

I was wondering how they are so far apart. I am assuming the version on my router is a much more up to date version.

Is there anybody else with this version or knows of the reason why it is so far ahead?

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2014-05-08 00:34:36
I had this with my TD-W8961ND, if seems UK ones come with later firmware which they don't put on the website. Presumably in your case 131114 is UK specific variant of 130201, although it would be nice if TP-Link could confirm this! Also it depends what you choose for your region on the TP-Link website ("UK" or "Worldwide" or something else) as to what versions are shown for download, although the version shipping on UK TD-W8961ND's doesn't show up even if you choose "UK" :confused:
Same issue and can not see logic in build and version
2015-01-16 17:26:29
Firmware version:0.6.0 2.11 v000c.0 Build 141008 Rel.41184n

Hardware version:TD-W8970 v1 00000000

We appear to have a short UTC date format in the build number: 141008 = 8th October 2014

I'm not familiar with this numbering system because build numbers normally refer to code revisions booked into an offline storage of the source code, CVS etc.

I look online and see that the latest download firmware file name has in its name.

Is the 2.11 a minor version number?

The latest file download would appear to be a version increment of 2.11 to 2.12 - but I would not trust that this is so.

What I think is happening is that the version level is not one single version but perhaps 2 or 3 version numbers.

The firmware must be built upon main core code at its foundation and this is the 0.6.0 part. The 2.11 or 2.12 part is some sort of feature version layer using the core code. The build level is a date but this abuses standards and adds confusion. The trailing number Rel.41184n is likely a serial number to a file history.

The latest build looks as if it fixes a problem with large number of files and USB sharing. That is exactly what I want to use but I can NOT upgrade my firmware while I do not understand, or trust, the version levels I am seeing.

I wish that they would use a simpler version system which relates to customers and not their internal production requirements.

Anyone else got any ideas about what version level is current?

Kind regards,



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